Month: April 2014

Tutorial 4 – iPads in the classroom

Upon reflecting on the article by Jones (2012), it has been argued that to enhance the making of meaning in early childhood literacy provisions, schools need to embrace new technologies as a resource. In the growing phenomenon of new technologies, iPads are now being introduced into Australian classrooms at an increasingly rapid rate to complement the already wide range of ICT skills that students enter schools with. By introducing new technologies such as iPads in the classroom, students are not only engaged but also supported in the development of skills in literacy and language. Jones emphasizes that “this tablet technology helped the teacher to scaffold literacy learning and can be a powerful medium for meaning-making” (Jones, 2012, p. 36).

iPad applications such as ‘Puppet Pals’, ‘Toontastic’ and ‘PlaySchool Art Maker’, are a great resource to implement in the classroom to develop the variety of aspects of literacy, for example speaking and listening. Apps such as these allow students to participate in creating and listening to dialogue, that is appropriate for the story they intend to create.

‘Toontastic’ is a resourceful application, which clearly and succinctly scaffolds students to create a well structured storyboard. It goes through a step by step process with the user, by first choosing a setting, then creating conflict, a challenge, the climax of the story and then a resolution. It is an easy application to use as it is a step by step process to achieve a well rounded final product.

Jones, M. (2012), ipads and kindergarten- students literacy development, SCAN31(4), 31-40.